Couple of things to mention about this cover right here: The readhead is actually a quest character from our friend and affiliate, Tistow. Also there is a button to the left from here where you can navigate yourself to read it, and enjoy some proper victorian-era inspired times. Also the author of Tistow, Elli, provided me the code of this website which I'm ever so grateful for.

So, updating days will be as follows: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. And if an update fails to arrive in time, then that's just what happens.
There's Twitter for new updates, delays and even announcements on livestreams which I do from time to time, so it's the most reliable source for instant information.
Facebook only informs about new updates and news.
Tumblr is for a lot more elaborate news/happenings and even for random drawings.
The tumblr-blog also work as an archive for the blog posts for the time being. The very homepage of this website shows the recent Tumblr blog post in case you don't own a tumblr or don't feel like using it. It's not like I'll be updating the blog that often. :3 You don't need to follow all these sources. My personal recommendation is the Twitter, since it's easy and I like it the most.

Soo new pages will start updating 22/4/! That's all from me for now.