Happy Friday and weekendbeginnings! ^w^

My arm has been a bit problematic for the past 2 weeks. Gladly though, I have a lot of buffer, so I don't need to stress about losing any updates. But anyway, one night I was attacked by sudden, relatively tedious armpain. There was a sharp stingy pain in my elbow, chronic pain around my triceps and shoulder, and sometimes even the forearm was like on fire. And I kept temporarily losing gripping strenght from my fingers.

So. Went to a doctor, got anti-inflammation meds for a week, but it hasn't completely gotten rid of the problem. I'm still on those meds overtime, but I have to be careful if I don't want to get any damage to my liver. >o<,
Now I have to get series of massages and therapy for my arm in the near future so I won't destroy it. Not exactly pumped about the thought but at this point it'd be stupid not to just because "it's a pain". No pun intended.