Wheeether Jaakko was being very mean or if Mikael is being a total crybaby is up to everyone's individual judgement I think. But I think we can all agree to something: It's about time Mika finally cracked.

Also new readers, hello! I'm gonna make this reminder-thing every now and then because I think I should. :3 New readers don't have the time to check every author's comment in the past pages, so I'll make it a little bit easier to everyone:

Jaakko here is actually a guesting character from "Tistow". The comic that has a big banner to the left from here. So if you're having an empty place for a new story to read, just saying, it is there. At the moment there's little bit under 100 pages of content, so it's still a very fresh read with enough flesh to dig into.
If you are interested about the Victorian England or Sami-culture, Tistow will offer themes in both.

This description is getting lenghty. But yes, remember to check back in tomorrow too! Irregular midweek updates.