So. That was a trip! It was a little bit shorter than we originally planned since I started to gain some serious anxiety and homesickness, I am poor at handling long roadtrips with too much time to think about all the stuff. Drew some traditional pieces, took plenty of pictures, and this is the conclusion of the trip:

Sweden has crap roads? We drove a rocky torn up road which was in the middle of maintenance (... very badly organized one) for around 20 miles, at 60/km per hour. But then again, we were at the isolated Northern part of Sweden so I guess it's not that big of a deal. It was pretty!
Norway though... Gorgeous. It was my first time seeing real mountains with snowcaps, the valleys with their small roaring downwards streams beside the mountainroads which were beautiful, AND the roads were great.

Oh, but I'll tell you what's not great: Keeping potentially aggressive dogs unleashed on public camping areas, especially big dogs who have the instinct to hunt down smaller animals. By the end of the trip our miniature schnauzer was attacked, and if my mother would've not been around to pick her up, she could've had her neck snapped. I don't want to rant angrily, but I am still really salty over it. Be a good dog owner, leash your dog no matter how you trust it, and keep other pets safe. *wheezes*