Da-da-daah! So. Some changes in the layout happened within the past 12 hours. And if there is any funny business, it's... Probably the server's fault that it hasn't updated correctly. Also I added and changed around the Ads. So, if you want to preserve the innocence of this page and use adblock, I don't mind. For those who don't mind, disabling ad block always helps a little bit.

This is a new extrapiece about the spirits, and how Veeti will be interacting with them. For the readers of Tistow, this is a useful bunch of information too when it comes to this spirit cooperation stuff. :3

Next week we'll have one more extrapiece. Oh and by the way, since I mentioned Tistow, we've been working on a smaller, charming comicproject with Elli. But it's still under works, and we'll have more information about the release of this little story sometime by the end of this month. I'll keep you updated through here, and our personal Twitters will have updates every now and then.

So! I'll see you again next week! We're getting closer and closer to the next chapter~