What a happy morning they're having there. :3

So, we've got Tistow: Small Trolls finally launched. It is a collaboration project between me and Elli Puukangas, who authors Tistow. Also Veeti makes his first Tistow appearance in that story. >w<

We're planning to make Small Trolls it into a cute standalone storybook with around 200 pages. And now we even have Patreon for us, and everything we both are working on. If you are a person who'd like to support Year In Hereafter, Tistow, or Small Trolls, you can go to that Patreon page and check it out. For what ever cause you'd like to give your support to, you would anyway support all 3 comics, and both Elli and me. :3 We are working hard to get everything well underway, and we're really excited to start developing our Patreon-section and rewarding our Patrons.

Also, if you are a reader who hasn't bought Mikael's extrachapter or the wallpaper pack, you can get them as rewards through supporting for pretty much the same price you'd have to pay for them individually.

But back to the Small Trolls-thing! Here's a coverart, you can click it and go see it in full res, go read the next page, and see if it'd be something you'd like to bookmark.

Aright, I'll see you next Sunday!