Okay! So, last week missed it's update. But a lot of other things happend. I'll actually have a lot to talk about in this description.

So, the first and major thing is that I finally feel like I'm in a place where I can start considering more frequent updates. For start I'm aiming to update YIH 2 pages per week. (I'd love to get back to 3 pages per week but we still have Small Trolls on the side.)

Secondly, we're (Elli and me) are going to make our own Youtubechannel pretty soon. Rather than making it accessible for Patrons only, we're going to make our videocontent public for everyone. I've recorded and edited the first video for it, and you'll be hearing from the channel sooner or later.

Third thing, I finally started making Year In Hereafter themed custom drawings for our 30$ Patron reward, and we both have started to make those for stock.

Fourth and final thing, tune back in next Sunday for the next update. And hopefully we'll have updates regularly on Wednesday and Friday. :3