We haven't talked about seriousness of stuff since Lempo had a chat with heavymetal-wolf, right? Huh! That has been a while since we've seen that shapeshift-cat. And things will stay that way for a bit longer.

I'm so glad someone pokes me when it's Wednesday. I'm a grown big person but I seriously do not remember what weekday I'm on ever. Unless it's Friday when I know whether I can just chill at home and be completely irresponsible. Or when it's Sunday and I know I have to go do things next morning.

Otherwise: I have no clue... Friday is a Small Trolls update day though! x3 And don't forget to check Tistow's Wednesdayupdate for today~ Oh by the way, the amount of support on Patreon has grown and it's... still quite amazing to me. So. Wow. Just generally a huge thanks to people supporting arts of all media!