Jaakko still seems to be holding onto his tendency to larceny even in this universe. :B

So, happy Halloween! We made a thing for our Patrons in a form of a wallpaper download, which looks something like this:

For Patrons there's inking and coloring process breakdowns for that wallpaper there and overall it has been a very busy weekend for us both. We also decided to start preparing for the Christmas season in time and we did something special over the weekend for any person who is officially patronizing us, whether it's for 1$ or 30$ you'll get something special from us. x3 That said I'm already in this stressed out christmas spirit and I'm starting to understand why adult people writhe over these holidays so much: It's no joke you have to shift your gears to Christmas two months early, otherwise it'd be impossible to deal with in time. I am officially emphatic about all of my familymembers who have kids and nieces and nephews as of this year.

Back to this day though, if Tistow readers haven't been up to date with Elli's Twitter, she has encountered more technical difficulties which is why Tistow is currently on an undefined break. We're doing the best we can to work on Small Trolls and keep on top of everything!

That said with this massive wall of text, I'll see you next Wednesday. x3

One last thing: I just finished editing our first videotutorial thing, I promise we're getting that to you soon enough. Ta!