You'd think a guy of Sulo's size could wield the sword rather than a little boy with pretty much no muscle. But, well. Nah. I did always know that it looks absolutely illogical for Mika to carry a sword like that, nevertheless to be able to swing it. Exactly why it was designed so. x3 There's might and magic of fantasy ya'll! :3 (And some Final Fantasy if we're being completely honest...)

It was also pointed out in the earlier page's comments that Jaakko shows quite many expressions on the previous page! And he continues to do so even here.
Also, I will admit that this page is quite a mess. This page was on the works just when I changed my tablet, so I had drawn some of it on my previous one, and I remember I was having terrible arm cramps. Then in the middle of making the lineart for this page, I got the new tablet, and I was messing about trying to find a new better lining tool, and I got a little bit impatient with it. I promise the artwork isn't getting worse, it's just this one unfortunate page...