Uff I think nobody has seen this artwork finished before! I have a video "tutorial" of this in the makes, which I'll publish when I get to it. But, I'm here to talk about having a little break from YIH:
Festive season was busy and I was having a fever for a few days. And I still am. I'm so sorry for being so inconsistent as of late x'3

You know, indie webcomics are always drawn for passion. And sometimes there is this cruel image in an artist's mind that they simply should never pause from drawing or writing their own thing no matter the situation, as it is for their passion. Gladly all of you seem to understand that it is not always that simple, so I have you all to thank for being so forgiving, and yet so loyal. You're clearly some great core readers for any webcomic that you've chosen to read and I'm one of the lucky authors to have you popping about.
Soppy, sentimental? I never!

In a more important note, I'm going to visit Elli all the way in Britain. In a week, in fact! It'll be a longer absence, and we're going to be concentrating solemnly on Small Trolls and planning it's future while I'm there. Thus I've decided to take rest of January off from YIH. I've actually been on sick-leave from the start of December and it's still in effect until the end of January, so I think I need to lay off from working too much. =w= So I'll see you later, check back in February and we'll see what happens! Ta-ta biscuits~