All right! Something important here to say!

So, I applied to a 5 month long game development course, and I got in. Now, what I do know about this said course, is that I'll be learning a lot of new stuff I have only been merely introduced to earlier, and that I'll be doing a solo game project during the time. As this project should be something to add to my CV, it'll be a lot of work.

During this time I'll also be doing my part-time job, which means that I'll be constantly running out of free time. All the time I will have will be used to work on Small Trolls and another comic project which we've undertaken with Elli, for a comic called After the Gold Rush by Miles Greb, which you can check out here.

During this time I've decided to not continue working on Year In Hereafter for the time during. Obviously my Twitter will be the primary place to follow on updates and when this comic will be back to it's track.