Getting cozy, a little bit of whining from Mikael, and the rain doesn't stop.

Man! I was supposed to get those booklets over a week ago, but the delivering service had done goofed. I didn't know they would be sent to my doorstep, and I lived in the belief that I would get the serial number card and go pick the parcel up from the post office. Turns out, doesn't work like that.

So, they had been trying my door, twice, for the past two Fridays. In this apartment complex you can't enter the main hallway without a key and apparently the deliveryman was too shy to give me a call, as I've happened to either been asleep, or out. After the second try had failed, they finally buckled up and sent me a text to contact their customer service. So I did that.
Have to admit, I did leave them slightly salty feedback about how they should've contacted me after the very first try. I was supposed to get them on the 10th day, and I was not happy. I'm normally not the type to get impatient with deliveries or services not going according to plan, but this time I felt obliged to give them a piece of my mind. I felt like an adult.

Now, I know the story at this point is getting quite lengthy, but there is one more part that happened in order for me to get the books.
The delivery service indeed did not manage to load the box into their car on Monday morning. I called them later, the parcel never left the terminal. So I took a 20 minute long busride to get this thing that weighed a little bit over 10 kilos and brought it home.

I got them, it's all good now. x3