Back to the wetlands of Hiidenkirnu! Rabbit's gonna be in a bit of a trouble... We'll see what this is next Friday.

Oh btw, about the book bundles, at the moment Gumroad says there are 5 left. And that's true. However only 4 are immediately available for me to send out. :3 There was a little hiccup with one of the parcels, so I have to replace that. So in case all the 5 are sold, the one who buys the last one might have to wait to get their parcel sent, or if it takes too long, they'll get a refund. Just wanted to put that out there.

I'm so surprised and happy that the books went this quick, I hope all the purchasers have been happy with what they've got, and if there is anything you think I should fix in the books, please do let me know!
The next book bundle will have some edits made to it, mostly some minor colour balancing and such stuff. I will also print quite a few more for a longer lasting stock. Again, thank you all who bought one.

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