The matriarchal missus of the house still yells a lot!

Some exciting neews~ We all know because of my shameless self-plugs that I had YIH printed out as 20-48 page issues just a while ago. However.
Taken my current financial situation, I think I might be able to convert those into proper bound books. You know, the ones you'd expect to find in any bookstore. In other words, real books, not booklets. I'm really happy about that.
There are no definitive timelines of when I'm planning to do this, but I think it still might happen! I'll let you know as soon as the plans proceed.

Obviously this will call for another edit run which is time(and brain) consuming, so it might be reasonable to expect to hear any real news on this in early 2018. I'd like to start working on the second book too.
Another thing yet, I might be starting to contact native English speakers to do some spell checking for me, and I am planning to pay for this job. So have an ear out for that too! If you know anyone who is a very efficient and good spell checker, I'd like to know about them. :3 Or if you yourself know you have a knack for words and dialogue and master the language, you should let me know.

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