Let's have a small exposition party for a couple of pages shall we! I think next Friday page is gonna be cool though, I enjoyed drawing it a lot at least. also remind me to fix that bloody banner for this chapter

I had a question from a reader about my current pen-name, and about the fact that there's a character in the comic with the same name. And they also said, they get a little confused. x3 For the sake of anonymity I won't give you out but I'm glad this was pointed out to me.

So... I'm struggling to remember if I talked about this here or if I only mentioned it on Twitter, I'm changing genders. I'm not gonna make it a huge thing on my social media or here for that matter, I just update if something relevant happens. I'd like to respect everyone by not being all over the walls with subjects such as this, and I'd like to be respected likewise. Absolutely encourage wanting to be enlighted, but blunt curiosity is something I gladly evade. ANYWAY, that's why my pen-name is this. And in the future most likely my chosen juridical name. Since this decision was made in between drawing the comic, I had to choose whether I'd change the character's name to something else, or just roll with it. Went with the latter.

I've always been very fond of different abbreviations of Michael. Mikhail and Mikael are names I've had in my comic projects and it's always there. Because it's a great name. The Finnish version just has sat with me from the second I thought about it and I'll follow that instinct.

Sooo that's that! I'll try do my best to make it very clear if I'm referring to myself or Mr. Rundstrom. :3

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