Right! We'll be talking about the Tistow #1 Kickstarter today!

The funding is going really well and it has reached two stretch goals! There is still 20 days left to hop in if you're willing! :3

Now, since the KS reached the second stretch goal of 2000 pounds, (congratulations!) Elli decided to draw a short comic bit, that will bridge the stories of Tistow, and Small Trolls, and she asked me to help out with it. I'll be doing the colouring for this one~

This tiny comic has been added along with Tistow #1's digital copy, meaning that it is included in every pledger tier from 3 pounds and up!

Should say something about the page... Well, we're going to see how Hiidenkirnu looks under all that fog next week. 'Til then, ta!

Discord channel for YIH/Small Trolls/ Tistow/our Patreon announcements and chats: https://discord.gg/SDnyNte