Done and done. x3 Only 2 more pages to go to this Chapter!

I do actually have some chatting today:
The current layout has been in effect ever since the website went live, and it's time to start looking at updating the landing page's graphical appearance. There will also be some improvements to the contents.

The Cast will be updated overall. Graphics will change, and new character blurbs will be added.
For the owners of cameo characters: Mentions and links in the page commentaries are nice! In the future however, I will also be linking your webcomic sites under the character introductions in a more static manner.

The archive, that includes all the links to the pages sectioned under their respective chapters, will also include flags for each appearing character per chapter, including their face and their name. Some of you have said that you have some trouble memorizing characters which I can completely agree with, so I'll do this little addition just to make your reading experience easier. :3

The About-section will see some updates too, considering how much information we've gathered from the story so far, and some of it should be included in the synopsis.

Support page will be taken away. The Patreon page has been running succesfully for over a year now, so it's more or less an obsolete segment now. Whatever items there are to sell will be displayed to the right from here and featured in mentions like until now.

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