All right you lot! Christmas is here in two days, and it's time to close this chapter and have a break all of us.

I have to admit that something disheartening happened during the last few days that grossed me out. I'm gonna rant about it.

Some of you might've seen tweets about Patreon content being stolen, as in whole complete profiles have been exported and imported to another site to view and download, for free.
Even our 200+ posts were included in this nickery that still goes on. To me this seemed like a weird, frustrated attempt to yell at paywalls and "digital millenia artist ethics", where we "leech population with scribbles and doodles".

It is a half-cooked agenda against generosity of people, which they can't comprehend.
And if you identify yourself in that group who has reasoned their legally violating actions with such flimsy defenses, you have to understand this: World does not work that way.
While some unfortunately violate these brilliant crowfunded opportunities, the percentage is relievingly small.
And frankly, these knobends have openly admitted that they don't target frauds. They just target anyone that uses Patreon. Especially artists who post about sketches and comiclore, like we do.

The things where the money is used we've made perfectly clear: Valid licenses, domains, and opportunities to develope our working cycle. Rest is used for merchandise we mail to our Patrons personally. If these things are something you do not want to support, you won't, and don't need to.

Nobody's standing behind you with a rutting stick telling you to do so.
If that were the case, sure, make noise about it. But it's not, is it.

I do not see how we or anyone else could be somehow morally advised from these massive thefts.
There is no lesson. It's just a silly thing you've done.
Obviously we look for betterments and like to hear them from the people unsatisfied with us in a civil manner.

Anyway, Chapter 7 starting date is 02/02/2018, and I'll be doing a little update middle January to remind folks and if I have any chats, I'll have them then. :3

If you're a $1 patreon or over, I've uploaded some previews of Chapter 7 here. I've been careful to not include anything spoilery.

Also, I realise it's ironic to mention a new patreon post considering the earlier rant.
That post will also be stolen, and it will be available for you shady sillies who just don't know where a line of respect lies and how not to be, shall I repeat it, a knobend.

Otherwise, I'll see you all later. Cheers for this year~ <3

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