Right, I'mma do a little shoutout for the Milford Green KS! There's 4 days left to pledge to it.

The project has been fully funded which I'm really glad about, considering the fact that I'm working as the main artist and this is the first time I get to hold that title in someone else's comic project. I like being just a colourist, but getting to do everything from concepts to the final product, is the most ideal position you could have.
Really looking forward to do the best to my ability!

We're hoping to hit the first stretch goal, which means that Samuel would get the comic book properly bounded rather than stapled up. It's over 40 pages of content after all, which is pretty much at the boundary of what staples can hold. Proper stitching would improve the age of the product a lot, not to mention it's just more pleasing.

I don't know why but staples in books freak me out, I always feel like they'll damage me or the books. That's one of the things I really regret about the first YIH booklets, but that's only one of the reasons why I'm dumping the issue format and I'll attempt to make actual 200+ page books. We'll talk about that muuuch later on.

Also, for those who did purchase the booklet bundle, thank you very much. When the bigger books roll out, I'd like to arrange some way to give you the new version of the first volume, without you having to pay for it.

Discord channel for YIH/Small Trolls/ Tistow/our Patreon announcements and chats: https://discord.gg/SDnyNte