Sampsa~ Ugh, we're having our own heat wave and it's supposed to last for the entire next week too, hate this.
It's not as bad as in Canada and in the US though, man I can't even imagine what it's like out there. Very reluctant to go out, my dog's been absolutely out of it too.

!! Oh right, I don't think I've mentioned this here, but two months ago I got the longwaited puppy!
After Ruka (our Miniature Schnauzer lady) passed away, thought it's time.
I was thinking of getting a puppy of my own for a long while, but it didn't feel right to introduce a new dog while she was here. She didn't trust other dogs after some scary experiences.

The new pup's a retriever mix, majority Golden Retriever which was my dream breed. She's got flat-coated retriever there too, and a little Bernese Mountaindog and Finnish Hound, though the latter two don't really show on her. I almost didn't believe the breeder about the litter having those genes, but one of her siblings had unmistakable Bernese coat (black, brown and white).
My pal however doesn't come across as a mutt, people have told me they'd easily think she's a pure Golden. xD
Her name is Genki and we absolutely adore her.

She has her own instagram at @genkiofgold

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