This is the last page of this chapter! I will have one more update next Friday with a little sketch for departure and details on when the next chapter will start, and I will say one thing: Normally I fancy a month long chapter break, but since I've got the next chapter pretty much finished, I'm gonna make the chapter break more or less 2 weeks. The hiatus was so long I don't really see a point making you wait for another month.

And about that Discord, the link I gave you last time wasn't a permanent link, so here's the link you can use:
We'll have announcements there concerning our our Patreon, Small Trolls, Tistow and Year In Hereafter, like immediate links to page updates when a page is uploaded. There's also a general chat if you're into that kind of stuff. :3

And one more thing concerning the book bundles, there's currently 8 left to buy! I've decided that I'll do a new print run for the first book bundle (chapters 1-4) when I make the Second book bundle (chapters 5 - who knows), which might be year away from now. Or longer, not at all sure how effectively I can keep drawing YIH. x3

Anyway, I'll see you next Friday again with updating information!